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Character Dialogue
Crush Squirt clued me into his whole "treasure hunt" concept? And I gotta say: I am SO proud of that little dude right now.
Crush Bein' all original like that takes moxie! Like... he's got that get-up-and-go like WHOA, y'know! Like... WHOA.
Crush But hey, if he could find his way back to the big ol' blue from just a shell? Well, he's got get-up-and-go to BURN, dude!
Crush Plus, y'know... a dad who TOTALLY supports his whole vibe. When it comes to helping with those shells, I am ALL IN!

Turtle's Trail[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Crush to help make a shell trail.
"Help Make a Shell Trail"
12h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Character Dialogue
Crush Dude... That is one SERIOUSLY legit trail of shells, dude.
Crush Not just, like, as a means to get Little Blue where she needs to go, but... as a PROCESS. Y'know?
Crush Like... I'm a pretty chill dude on a normal day. But you know what can make a chill dude even chiller? It's ART, dude.
Crush Lookin' at all those rad shells... It's like, they really MEAN something, y'know? Like... DEEP.