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Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz Héctor will not be expecting me anywhere NEAR his silly little excuse for a performance venue...
Ernesto de la Cruz Which is why I must be at my stealthiest while I eavesdrop on him! Though... *ahem...* I admit this is not something I am used to.
Ernesto de la Cruz It is at times like these I wish I hadn't pawned all of my LESS sparkly outfits. (I still miss that rakish black velvet one...)

Turn Down the Volume[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Ernesto de la Cruz
Level 2
Send Ernesto to spy on his rivals near the Market.[1]
"Spy on His Rivals"
8h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Mamá Imelda You SAW him creeping around and you didn't even chase him away?! The man who poisoned you. ... To DEATH.
Mamá Imelda Héctor -- are you trying to give me yet another reason to reconsider marrying you, or are you just EXTREMELY stupid?
Héctor Rivera Relax, mi amor! I was busy giving our great-great-grandson my blessing. You know as well as I do that family comes first!
Héctor Rivera And besides: I had my eye on Ernesto the whole time. He is... ah... not nearly as stealthy as he thinks he is.
Héctor Rivera Trust me. Ever since Miguel gave me the idea, I've been SURE our half of the Tribute to the Rivera Family will go amazing!
Ernesto de la Cruz (Ha HA! They do not suspect a thing!)