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Try Not to Panic is where the Disney Magic Kingdoms story begins...

Character Dialogue
Merlin Oh hang it all! This land has fallen victim to a villainous Curse! Those are the WORST kinds of curses, you know.
Merlin This darkness will have to be lifted, and the entire Kingdom rebuilt.
Merlin That's no small task -- in fact, it will take a hero of enormous proportions!
Mickey Mouse Gosh, who turned out the lights?!
Mickey Mouse And hey -- where IS everybody?!
Mickey Mouse I better take a look around and see what's going on...

Try Not to Panic

Character Activities Time Rewards Tokens
Mickey Mouse
Level 1
Send Mickey to search for answers.
"Search for Answers"
6s Experience5, Magic50 Goofy's Hat Token
Character Dialogue
Merlin Hmm, the Kingdom is empty, things are missing, and all is covered in darkness... As I thought, we've got ourselves a CURSE!
Merlin Now, what's this? Some sort of strange Token has appeared suddenly.
Merlin I'd best research the Token's purpose further. Off with you now.