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Character Dialogue
Eudora ... And off he goes. Heh... looks like my hopes of quality time with my son-in-law are going to have to wait.
Eudora Though when that time does come, the first thing I'm going to ask him is why he pointed me through THAT part of town.
Eudora I haven't lived this long in New Orleans without learning to handle myself, but really? Everyone knows that alley's trouble!
Eudora Still, if I know what streets to stay away from, then Tiana will, too. I'm sure I'll find her soon enough.

Trust a Local[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Eudora to search near (not IN) the Emporium.[1]
"Search Near the Emporium"
2h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Character Dialogue
Eudora Still nothing... and that's after I asked everyone in Duke's Café if they'd seen her.
Eudora Heh... I still can't believe old Buford put up a "Princess Tiana Ate Here" sign. Like they've been best friends all this time!
Eudora I can give him a talking-to about that later. Right now, I'd better find Prince Naveen -- if he hasn't got himself lost again.
Eudora He's a good man, but sometimes he... ah... doesn't always use the common sense his mama gave him.