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Character Dialogue
Poe If there's one good thing that's come out of all this, it's that I heard Hux mention where he's stashed those treadspeeders...
Poe ...Or heard MOST of it, anyway. I sent everything I could make out to our engineers up with the fleet.
Poe With any luck, they'll slice that into a real set of coordinates -- so I can head over there and blow up some speeders.

Tread Lightly...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Treadspeeder Base.[1] 8h Experience5, Galactic Credits/201950
  1. Requires Poe Level 2
Character Dialogue
Poe Aaaand GOT it! One set of coordinates for a secret First Order testing facility, fresh from Resistance HQ!
Poe Remind me to buy our communications guys a drink when I'm back at base -- they've earned it a couple dozen times over, by now.
Poe Way things are going, I'll plan to be there as soon as I'm sure Hux WON'T be.