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Character Dialogue
Shenzi One thing I LOVE about bein' a hyena? We're matriarchal, baby!
Shenzi That's a fancy word for sayin' the ladies call the shots! We're bigger than the boys -- AND we get first crack at the prey.
Shenzi Now, the flip side of that is, if I ever DON'T keep an eye on Banzai and Ed? They're so dumb they'd trip right into a canyon.
Shenzi *sigh* ... The things I gotta do to keep those guys alive long enough to get food for me...

Top of the Heap[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Shenzi to keep an eye out for her clanmates.
"Watch out for the Others"
6h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Shenzi Hmm... Well, at least they ain't doin' anything stupider than usual, this time. Besides Ed tryin' to eat his own leg again.
Shenzi *sigh* ... I know he's, like, the "soul of the gang" and everything? But someday, I REALLY oughta just let him finish it.
Shenzi Maybe he'd be less hungry for once! And anything that means more zebra meat for THIS gal... is worth lookin' into, you know?
Shenzi Also, imagining him all lop-sided and everything... Heheh...! That's actually pretty funny.