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Character Dialogue
Peter Pan One time, Wendy asked me why I always carry this pipe flute around with me...
Peter Pan Then John said it was "thanks to my association with the Hellenic nature-spirits"... or something. I stopped listening.
Peter Pan Anyway, it's a silly question. I keep my pipe flute with me so I can PLAY it, of course! Like this!

Toot Too-Tooooot![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Peter Pan
Level 6
Send Peter Pan to play his pipe flute.
"Play the Pipes"
8h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Peter Pan Those three notes are probably my favorites, especially when I play 'em just like that.
Peter Pan That tune's good for all sorts of things, like distracting Hook, or rounding up the Lost Boys...
Peter Pan Oh, and the mermaids like it, too. They like to hear me play, 'cause they say it's tough to play a pipe flute underwater.
Peter Pan I say they should try. Blowing bubbles is almost as fun as playing a song!