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Character Dialogue
Moana Hey, Mom? I... uh... I have something for you. I thought we could hang this in the meeting house with Gramma's other things?
Sina The tapestry! You joined both halves of it together again...
Moana Heh... I know it's not as neat as when you do it -- I had to use extra tapioca paste, and--
Sina Moana... You've apologized enough for one lifetime today. I love it!

Together Again[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Moana and Sina to show they care.
"Show They Care"
6h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Sina You know, I think that when our people tell this story in the future, this tapestry will really help them to understand it...
Sina Bravery and strength on one side; peace and dialogue on the other... We'd never have solved the problem without both together!
Moana Yeah! Just like how everything I've learned from you and Dad -- AND everything I've learned from Maui -- help make me... well, me!
Sina Exactly! Now... do you think that story will involve our family figuring out how to clear away the darkness covering this land?
Moana Ha! I don't know yet, Mom... But there's only one way to find out!