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Character Dialogue
Davy Jones So. Back in the land of the living, am I? Well...
Davy Jones ... Either Calypso has devised some new torture to vex me with, or the fates have an unusual sense of humor. Or both.
Davy Jones Either way... Best I get the lay of the land. A visit to the local waterin' hole should show me what manner of place this is...

Today's Special: Octopus[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Davy Jones
Level 1
Send Davy Jones to investigate Tortuga Tavern.[1]
"Investigate the Tavern"
12h Experience30, Magic250
  1. Requires Tortuga Tavern
Character Dialogue
Davy Jones Impossible...! No ambushes? No duels? Not even ONE?!
Davy Jones Me, a great hulkin' fish-beast stalkin' around the place glowerin' at the clientele -- and they, greeting me with a smile!
Davy Jones I'll grant ye, I haven't felt PARTICULARLY bloodthirsty since arrivin' here, but still...
Davy Jones It's an odd land indeed that invites dastardly sorts like myself to mingle with the common folk, provided we stay peaceable.
Davy Jones It seems the fates DO have an unusual sense of humor after all...