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Character Dialogue
Cogsworth ... If YOU were the one who removed that book, Lumière, so help me, I'll--!
Lumiere Calm yourself, Cogsworth -- you accuse the wrong candlestick! I am guilty of many amorous pursuits, but in this I am innocent!
Lumiere Besides... if the loss of the book troubles you so, why do you not ask Belle? Surely SHE would know where--
Cogsworth Belle!? But... she would tell the Master that I couldn't FIND the...

To Tell, or Not to Tell?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Lumière & Cogsworth to argue about the book.
"Argue about the Book"
4h Experience45, Galactic Coins250
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth O-Out of the question! And no doubt, merely a diversion to distract from the fact that YOU are responsible! J'ACCUSE!
Cogsworth *huff* ... *puff* ... The... The BOOK... in the LIBRARY... with the CANDLESTICK! It... *huff* ... It all makes...
Lumiere Cogsworth... If I agree to help you find this book, will YOU agree to catch your breath?
Cogsworth *huff* ... Yes... Yes, I think that would be best.
Lumiere I do not know if clocks have lungs... but if they do, Cogsworth does not take very good care of his!