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Character Dialogue
Chip Hiya, Dale! I've been thinking up a plan today... Y'know how there aren't a lot of good acorn trees around here?
Dale Boy, DO I! They're harder to find than EVER!
Chip Well, what if we got a better view of the Kingdom -- to try and spot more of 'em? TREES are tall, so we've gotta be tall, too!

To See a Tree[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 7
Send Chip and Dale to get a better view.[1]
"Get a Better View"
12h Experience25, Magic150
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Chip Aw, nuts... no oak trees ANYWHERE I can see! And I was pretty high up, too...
Dale Uh... Chip? If we had to stand on an acorn so we could see where to find new acorns...
Dale ...why didn't we just eat the acorn we were standin' on?
Chip ... Good point.