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Sorry, pal, but I got an appointment. Didn't I tell ya?
— Timothy Q. Mouse Busy Message

Timothy Q. Mouse is a character released with Dumbo Update on 19th March 2019, and is part of the Dumbo character collection.


Timothy Q. Mouse is Dumbo's best friend, mentor and the deuteragonist of Disney's 1941 animated feature film, Dumbo.

In contrast to the soft and innocent nature of Dumbo, Timothy is brazen, fearless, and shrewd. Throughout the film, however, Timothy's primary goal is to make Dumbo happy and help him rescue his mother, showing a sympathetic quality despite his rough, stereotypically Brooklyn personality.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1 Delivery Bundle Token 40
Delivery Bundle Tokens
Magic Feather Token 60
Magic Feather Tokens
Timothy Q 60
Timothy Q. Mouse Ears Hat Tokens
Magic 600,000
12h Gems, Experience
Level 2 Delivery Bundle Token 5 Magic Feather Token 2 Timothy Q 2 Magic 10,000 36s Gems1, Experience10
Level 3 Delivery Bundle Token 10 Magic Feather Token 3 Timothy Q 3 Magic 15,000 6m Gems1, Experience12
Level 4 Delivery Bundle Token 20 Magic Feather Token 5 Timothy Q 5 Magic 22,500 35m Gems1, Experience14
Level 5 Delivery Bundle Token 40 Magic Feather Token 10 Timothy Q 10 Magic 29,250 60m Gems2, Experience17
Level 6 Delivery Bundle Token 50 Magic Feather Token 15 Timothy Q 15 Magic 38,050 2h Gems2, Experience20
Level 7 Delivery Bundle Token 60 Magic Feather Token 25 Timothy Q 25 Magic 49,450 4h Gems3, Experience23
Level 8 Delivery Bundle Token 70 Magic Feather Token 35 Timothy Q 35 Magic 64,300 8h Gems3, Experience26
Level 9 Delivery Bundle Token 80 Magic Feather Token 50 Timothy Q 50 Magic 83,600 16h Gems3, Experience29
Level 10 Delivery Bundle Token 100 Magic Feather Token 65 Timothy Q 65 Magic 108,700 24h Gems5, Experience30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Activity with Visual Animation Snacking on Peanuts Wish Granter 60m Experience7, Magic40 Delivery Bundle Token
5 Collect Some Peanuts
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
2h Experience10, Magic75 Miss Bianca's Perfume Token Mr
4 Listen in on Gossip
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
4h Experience13, Magic110 Dumbo Ears Hat Token Orville's Aviator Hat Token
Mrs Ling Ears Hat Token
2 Activity with Visual Animation Whisper Ideas
The Ringmaster
Lvl 2
4h Experience17, Magic150 Dumbo Flag Token
7 Keep Each Other Company
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Lvl 8
6h Experience20, Magic210 Raspberries Token
8 Talk Over Peanuts
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Lvl 7
6h Experience20, Magic210 Necklace Token
3 Keep an Ear out for News
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
8h Experience20, Magic200 Dumbo Flag Token The Ringmaster Ears Hat Token
Pacha Ears Hat Token
6 Sleep Talking
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
The Ringmaster
Lvl 8
12h Experience37, Magic370
9 Collect Circus News
* Requires Dumbo the Flying Elephant
The Ringmaster
Lvl 9
12h Experience37, Magic370
10 Activity with Visual Animation Friendly Support
Lvl 10
24h Experience57, Magic500

Timothy Q. Mouse Storyline[]

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