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Character Dialogue
Timon Look, Pumbaa, halitosis aside; maybe we should split up. You know, to cover more ground, find more bugs... That sorta thing.
Pumbaa Aww, I dunno, Timon... I ran into some hyenas a while ago. Are you sure it's safe?
Timon Of course! After what we did to their buddies back at Pride Rock, these hyenas wouldn't dare lay a paw on us!
Timon ...And if they try to, we're REALLY good at running away. We've got lots of practice with that.

Timon, Alone[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Timon out on his own bug hunt.
"My Own Bug Hunt"
4h Experience5, King Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Timon Aaahhh... Nice sunny day... Wind in my fur... No hyenas in smelling distance... Now THIS is living!
Timon And d'you know what the best part is? Pumbaa can't slurp up all the good bugs I find!
Timon I love the guy like a brother, but when it comes to food... No concept of "dibs" is all I'm saying.