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Character Dialogue
Timon Okay! Seeing as we've still clearly got hyenas on the brain... I'm STARTING to think we won't fix this by just slacking off.
Pumbaa *GASP*
Timon I know! Wildly outta character for me to say! But these are desperate times, pal... We've gotta actually DO something!
Timon Tell you what: Since you're still pretty shook up, I'll go spy on those hyenas for you. You just take a breather, okay?
Pumbaa Okay, Timon! If there's one thing I know I'm good at, it's breathing!

Timon's Tag Team[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Timon to scout for hyenas.
"Scout for Hyenas"
2h Experience1, Maleficent Coins400 Refresh Token1
Level 1
Send Pumbaa to recover at the Circle of Life.[1]
"Enjoy the Circle of Life"
Character Dialogue
Timon Oh no. Ohhh, NO. We got a-- We got a REALLY big problem. No, scratch that: We got THREE of 'em!
Timon I just saw the guys Pumbaa was talkin' about, and they're not just ANY hyenas -- they're THOSE hyenas!
Timon YOU know! Whozits, whatzits, and the crazy one!
Timon Okay -- so I don't know their actual names! THAT'S BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO BUSY TRYIN' TO EAT ME FOR ME TO ASK!
Timon I gotta tell Pumbaa about this. Those whackadoos are capital-T TROUBLE!