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Character Dialogue
Rabbit Look for Christopher Robin, you say? That's very thoughtful of you to ask, Pooh, but I'm re-upholstering my divan today, and--
Winnie the Pooh Oh bother. Then I suppose I shall have to have luncheon at your house instead of Christopher Robin's, after all...
Rabbit A-as I was saying, OF COURSE I'll help you find Christopher Robin! Anything to keep you out of my-- I mean, to help a friend!

Three's a (Search) Party[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Rabbit to search for Christopher Robin.
"Look for Christopher Robin"
4h Maleficent Coins400 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Winnie the Pooh Hello again, Rabbit! You haven't found Christopher Robin yet, have you? It's just that my tummy IS getting rather rumbly...
Rabbit Oh no... I-I mean, why, no, Pooh, I can't say that I have!
Rabbit But before you go eating all of my-- I mean, before you visit me instead, I DID find this mysterious note. Here -- look!
Winnie the Pooh Hmm... "At... Skol... Back... Too... Daye." Oh, bother. I never HAVE been good with notes.
Winnie the Pooh I would ask Christopher Robin to help me read it... but I would need to have found him already.