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Character Dialogue
Eeyore Just as I though. It looks as if Pooh Bear's got himself stuck again. Wonder how long he'll be this time...
Eeyore Could be days... weeks, maybe. I'd take a guess, if anyone wanted to ask me. Which they don't.
Eeyore Well. I'll be over here, alone, thinking of how to get Pooh out. Not that anybody cares.
Eeyore ... Which they don't.

Thoughtful Spot[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Eeyore to think of ways to free Pooh.
"Think of Ways"
4h Experience5, Pooh Badges50
Character Dialogue
Rabbit Why, Eeyore! What are YOU doing down there?
Eeyore ... Oh. Nothing worth talking about. Just thinking of how to get Pooh out of that--
Rabbit Well, if it ISN'T anything important, then come out of that pond and help me get Pooh out of that tree!
Eeyore ... Sure is nice to be listened to once in a while.
Eeyore I don't blame Rabbit. I wouldn't want to listen to me, either.