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Character Dialogue
Sina Tui! Tui -- come quick! It... it's Moana!
Chief Tui Moana?! But... how did she...?!
Sina I don't know. She's weak, but she's all right... and she's inside the meeting house. I think she crawled there from the shore...
Chief Tui We have to go to her, Sina. Whatever's happened to our daughter... she needs us. Now more than ever.

There and Back[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Chief Tui
Level 5
Send Tui and Sina to meet Moana in Homecoming.[1]
"Meet Moana in Homecoming"
6h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Moana Dad... You're here! I... I'm sorry. I should've... told everyone... all of it. From the start... Thought it was something... only I could...
Chief Tui Moana... it's okay. And you're right to be confident in yourself: You're better suited to adventure than anyone I can think of.
Chief Tui But now that your people understand that... Now that *I* understand that... Just know that you don't have to do it alone anymore.
Moana I know, Dad... I love you... and thanks.
Chief Tui I love you too, minnow. Now: Tell me and your mother everything you'd like. I promise we won't judge!