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Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Minnie! Did you hear the news about the Kingdom-wide dance competition?
Minnie Mouse Of course I heard the news, Mickey. I'm the judge!
Mickey Mouse Gosh, do you think I've got a chance of winning?
Minnie Mouse Maybe. Why don't you show me a quick routine?

There's No Contest[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level ?
Send Mickey to dance with Minnie.
"Dance with Minnie"
2h Experience25, Magic150
Minnie Mouse
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Minnie Mouse That was very good, Mickey. Who knows; your name might just end up on the trophy.
Mickey Mouse Gosh, now that I think about it, maybe I won't enter the dance contest after all.
Mickey Mouse I wouldn't want my name on a trophy if yours wasn't right there beside it.
Mickey Mouse After all, I'm nothin' without my best dance partner!