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Character Dialogue
Mamá Imelda Much as I would like to wipe the self-satisfied grin off of de la Cruz's skull right this instant... my family comes first.
Mamá Imelda And THAT means the Tribute to the Rivera Family comes first! I cannot let my husband's songs be silenced -- not again.
Mamá Imelda He WILL play to an audience! Just as soon as I find him one...

The World Is Listening...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Land of the Dead.[1] 8h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
  1. Requires Mamá Imelda Level 2
Character Dialogue
Mamá Imelda Of course! Why spread word of the show ONLY in Santa Cecilia, when we have the whole Land of the Dead to tell?
Mamá Imelda Ever since de la Cruz was revealed as the swindler he is, my Héctor's music has become very popular on this side...
Mamá Imelda I try not to make such a big deal about it at home, though. My husband has a gift -- but he does NOT need a swelled head!
Mamá Imelda (When he plays and I sing, though... ay, it's as if nothing else matters!)