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Character Dialogue
Goofy Gawrsh, what's wrong, Mickey? You're lookin' kinda serious today...
Mickey Mouse Aw, I'm just trying to think up a solution to our pest problem. Something they like, that I could use to attract 'em... Hmm...
Goofy I GOT IT! Just about everybody loves music, and I bet these critters do, too! Wait just a second, and I'll get my tuba!
Mickey Mouse Goofy, that's not exactly what I--

The Tuba Trap[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Goofy to attract the pests with music.
"Attract with Music"
6h Experience5, King Symbols50
Character Dialogue
Goofy Well? How'd they like it? It's kinda hard to see the ground from behind my tuba.
Mickey Mouse Well...uh...they all sorta ran AWAY from you instead of towards you...
Goofy Oh no! Maybe they don't like polka music!
Mickey Mouse It's okay, Goof. Actually, it's a good thing! If you keep on playing, maybe you can herd 'em to where we want 'em to go!
Goofy Gawrsh... I guess you're right! Polka it is, then!