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Character Dialogue
Rey If you're going to survive someplace as harsh as Jakku, you need to keep your wits about you...
Rey If you don't, you'll be gnaw-jaw food within a week -- or worse.
Rey The wildlife may be different now that I'm off-world, but my instincts are still there... and they're still useful.
Rey I certainly hope they'll keep me alive here, too... wherever "here" is.

The Survivalist[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Rey to get the lay of the land.
"Get the Lay of the Land"
4h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Galactic Credits/201950 during A Galaxy Far, Far Away.... Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Rey Hmm... Well, wherever "here" is, it's... not like any planet I've heard of before, that's for sure.
Rey Which would be fascinating... if it weren't even MORE confusing.
Rey Should I be looking out for gnaw-jaws, dulocs, AND wampas at the same time? I hope not...