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Character Dialogue
Alice All that fuss about a silly little light... If that Rabbit had stayed to talk, I'd have told him there was no need to worry.
Alice After all, we've both seen far more curious things before in Wonderland... and exactly the SAME thing before -- in THIS place!
Alice Why, if time didn't run so strangely here, I'd say I saw that light nearly every other month...
Alice I suppose I should investigate it myself... because I'm quite sure that none of my Wonderland friends would ever think to!

The Sensible Option[]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Alice to investigate the lights.
"Investigate the Lights"
2h [1] Maleficent Coins600 [2], Magic10 [3] Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter AHA! Or, in other words, OHO! Or, in even OTHER-ER words... I've found what's curious after all!
Alice Oh -- hello, Mr. Hatter! I'm not sure precisely what you're talking about, as per usual, but if it's those lights in the sky--
Mad Hatter Oh, no no no no NO, my dear! The curious thing... which is to say, the REALLY curious thing... Why, it's YOU, of course!
Mad Hatter A light can't very well be curious about ITSELF, you know. And you're the only one who's curious ABOUT it! That's logic!
Alice Well, I'm not sure it IS logic... but I'm glad you're trying to help! ... If that IS what you're doing.