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Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington Our plan worked like a dream, Sally -- Oogie was so mad that he told me JUST where his lair was!
Sally And it looks just as dangerous as it was in Halloween Town! He nearly dropped me into a fire pit the last time I was there...
Jack Skellington Courage, Sally -- we beat him then, and we'll beat him now!

The Scarer's Lair[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Oogie Boogie Send characters to take down Oogie in his Lair!
Various Gems6, Experience10, Wooden Pumpkins50

Character Activity + Time Rewards
Jack Skellington
Level 6
Jack Skellington: Attack Oogie 2h Experience10, Wooden Pumpkins55
Level 3
Sally: Trigger Bats! 2h Experience10, Wooden Pumpkins55
Level 1
Zero: Scary Barks 2h Experience10, Wooden Pumpkins55

Character Dialogue
Jack Skellington Give it up, Oogie! Nobody here likes YOUR version of Halloween -- and it's about time you knew it!
Oogie Boogie HAH! Joke's on you, Jack -- since when did I care about ANYONE else but ME?!
Oogie Boogie Think you can run ME outta town... Well, Jack: How're you gonna do THAT when you can't find me in the FIRST place?!
Jack Skellington Oogie--! Wait... Where did he go?!
Jack Skellington I only looked away for a second... I didn't even blink! I can't blink in the FIRST place, but still...