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Character Dialogue
Dale Whenever we try to stock up on nuts, it's always Donald Duck that gives us grief about it! Chasin' after us and everything...
Dale So I was thinkin': Why get in his way at all?
Dale There's GOTTA be someone else that won't mind if we go lookin' for nuts around their place... Yeah! Someone real friendly!

The Road Less Taken[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Dale to scout Mickey's house for nuts.[1]
"Scout for Nuts "
2h Experience25, Magic150
  1. Requires Mickey's House
Character Dialogue
Dale Awww... I got all the way into his kitchen, and I just couldn't do it!
Dale Mickey's just too nice a guy to take nuts from without askin' first...
Dale And before you ask, it WASN'T 'cause I was scared of Pluto sniffin' me out and chasin' me out of the house!
Dale I didn't even SEE Pluto in there! So even if I WAS scared of him, it wouldn't matter!