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The The Ringmaster Whip Token is used to Level Up The Ringmaster.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Judy Hopps
Level 5
Investigate Donut Shop
* Little Rodentia
6h Experience16, Magic155 A Captain's Hook TokenCaptain Hook Astronomy Book TokenLuca
Level 5
Spend Time with Mom
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
6h Experience16, Magic155 Poncho TokenPacha Colette Ears Hat TokenColette
The Mayor
Level 6
Enjoy a Graveyard Walk
* Broomstick Graveyard
8h Experience20, Magic200 Mayor's Badge TokenThe Mayor Lock Ears Hat TokenLock
Other Source Time Rewards
Silver Chest Silver Chest Instant


Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant


Dumbo the Flying Elephant Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Stepping Right Up...
* Enchantment Level 1
8h Experience16, Magic129