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Character Dialogue
Roo I had a lot of fun out playing today... but I better get back home to Mama. She gets cross when she has to wait for too long.
Roo But... that doesn't mean I can't go back AND have fun at the same time! Watch!

The Return Trip[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Roo to find his way AND have fun!
"Have Fun"
60m Experience5, Pooh Badges50
Character Dialogue
Roo That cloud looks like a kite! And that one looks like a balloon... and THAT one looks like...
Roo Gee... that"s not a cloud at all! That's Pooh Bear!
Roo Clouds don't get stuck in honey trees like that... but Pooh Bears disguised as clouds do!
Roo I guess I should try and help get him down, huh?