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Character Dialogue
Chip (BATB) Belle! Belle! What'd you and the Master read today? Tell me! Tell me!
Belle Haha! All right... but it's a very old story, and there is SOME kissing in it... Is that all right with you?
Chip (BATB) I guess... Just warn me when it's coming so I can not listen to that part!

The Recap[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Chip (BATB)
Level 1
Send Chip and Belle to go over the story.
"Go over the Story"
8h Experience45, Galactic Coins250
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Chip (BATB) Wow... They said they loved each other on a balcony, just like you did! How's it end? How's it end?!
Belle That's something we should wait 'til you're older to talk about... but for now, I have a story I think you'd like even more!
Belle It has magic spells, and love stories and an enchanted forest... and a funny man who turns into a donkey!
Chip (BATB) Whoa! Just like in real life!!!
Chip (BATB) Does it have a boy that gets turned into a teacup, too?