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Character Dialogue
Tramp Well, looks like Tony's is closed up tight at the moment. That's good news and bad news, if I wanna find that collar.
Tramp The bad news is, I gotta stick to the back alley for now and check inside later...
Tramp ... But the good news is, I won't run into any of Tony's human customers while I'm doing it.
Tramp Hard to believe, but some humans get REAL outta sorts if they see a dog walking around the middle of a restaurant...

The Private Entrance[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Tramp to search around Tony's for the collar.[1]
"Search Around Tony's"
12h Experience25, Magic200
Character Dialogue
Tramp Nothing'. Well, no collar, anyway. I did find a couple choice bones out by the trash, though.
Tramp (Trust me: You haven't LIVED if you've never been back behind Tony's place after he's made beef stock.)
Tramp Say... Maybe Tony picked up the collar after we left? I mean... he's a human; they do things like that.
Tramp He's probably keeping it safe for us right now... I'll go ask him!