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Character Dialogue
Celia Mae There you are, Googly Bear! I was dropping something on your desk and I found the poem you were writing.
Mike Wazowski You did?! Oh, you gotta believe me Celia, I was only trying to capture--
Celia Mae I know EXACTLY what you were trying to capture, Michael. And don't worry... you GOT HER!

The Poetry of Love[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Celia Mae
Level 2
Send Celia to spoil Mike's surprise.
"Send Love"
2h Experience15, Magic100
Mike Wazowski
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Mike Wazowski That Celia sure is a keeper!
Mike Wazowski Which is why she can never find out that my poem was really about my feelings for macaroni and cheese.
Celia Mae "Best topped with breadcrumbs"?! What do you think he meant by that?