Character Dialogue
Goofy Hmmm... If sandwiches won't help cheer up Pete... then I'm plumb outta ideas.
Goofy Unless... A-hyuck -- I got it! What if I asked him to join a band whith me? Makin' music always makes ya happy!
Goofy I'm gonna go home and fix up my tube nice and purty. Once he sees that, Pete'll sure to join!

The Plan, Pt. 1

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Goofy to clean his tuba at home.[1]
"Clean His Tuba at Home"
40s Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Goofy Nobody can resist bein' in a band with a tuba this shiny. Not even Pete!
Goofy A-hyuck. I guess I better let him know he's in a band, huh?

Character Dialogue
Goofy Hiya, Pete! Now, before you say anything, let me just --
Pete Never a moment's peace! What do you want now, Goof?
Goofy Well, I'd like you to be the lead singer in my new band. Then you'll really feel like you're a part of the Kingdom!
Pete Grr... If I say yes, will you stop pestering me?

The Plan, Pt. 2

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 2
Have Goofy teach Pete music at the PhilharMagic.[1]
"Head to the PhilharMagic"
60s Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Goofy Hmm... Pete didn't show up for practice.
Goofy Maybe he just said yes so I'd stop botherin' him.
Goofy How are we gonna become musical legends if we don't practice?

Character Dialogue
Goofy Gawrsh, I hope I don't let Pete down during practice.
Goofy Maybe I better practice for practice... Just to be sure!

The Plan, Pt. 3

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Goofy to practice for band practice.
"Practice for Practice"
60s Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Goofy Are ya ready for our concert, Pete?
Pete What concert?
Goofy The one we've been practicin' for -- our band's first show!
Pete Well, while you were practicin' -- I was gettin' rid of some loud-mouthed kids. But break a leg, or a tuba, in your case. HA!
Goofy Somethin' tells me Pete's heart just isn't in this.

Character Dialogue
Merlin We must be cautious. There are strong villainous intentions lurking in that part of the Kingdom.
Merlin But I now have enough Magic to stop them in their tracks!

The Plan, Pt. 4

Character Activities Time Rewards
Merlin Expand to reach Pete's RV. 10m Experience5, Magic100
Clear Curse?


Character Dialogue
Maleficent It seems those imbeciles have continued to erode my Curse.
Maleficent Soon they will pay. But for now, let them enjoy their triumph. It will make crushing their spirits all the more enjoyable.
Merlin Well, that's that. Now the citizens of the Kingdom can take care of the rest!

Character Dialogue
Goofy Say, Pete, I don't think you really want to quit the band.
Pete What band?
Goofy Our band! C'mon, don't you like the sound of a bunch of instruments all playin' together?
Pete Like it?! HA! Nothin' makes me run away faster than an amateur musician. Now outta my way!
Goofy Hmm... Maybe Mickey was right. I better find him and figure out how to solve our Pete problem once and for all!

The Plan, Pt. 5

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Mickey & Goofy to plan at Mickey's House.[1]
"Make a New Plan"
60m Experience5, Magic100
Mickey Mouse
Level 3
  1. Requires Mickey's House
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Goofy, you're a genius! Creating our own band will definitely chase Pete out of the Kingdom!
Goofy Yeah! Or maybe he'll think twice about quitting and want to join us.
Mickey Mouse Know what one of my favorite things is about you, pal? You always dream big!
Goofy Any plan that involves me playin' my tuba is great with me!


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