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Character Dialogue
Chief Tui I KNEW that fiber was out of place... It's not part of the chart at all. Moana was using it to secure the cargo on her boat!
Chief Tui It must have snapped when Pua stole the chart off of her canoe...
Chief Tui So all I have to do is search her boat for the OTHER end of the rope, and I'll find where she hid her other important things!
Chief Tui (Ideally, she shouldn't be bringing ANYTHING as fragile as a sea chart on a voyage to begin with... but that's another issue.)
Chief Tui Anyway... I know it isn't much to go on. But if there's a chance of finding a clue to Moana's whereabouts there... I have to try.

The Inside Story[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Chief Tui
Level 5
Send Tui to search the cargo in Moana's Boat.[1]
"Search Moana's Boat"
4h Experience5, Shiny Shells50
  1. Requires Moana's Boat
Character Dialogue
Chief Tui Aha! I knew it... All it took was a bit of poking around behind the ballast bags at the bottom of the hull.
Chief Tui Moana had a whole other stack of my mother's tapestries hidden away on her canoe!
Chief Tui The must be related to wherever she was sailing to, if she went through all the bother to take them with her...
Chief Tui Though, ideally, she shouldn't have done THAT, either. They're... er... not exactly waterproof.