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Character Dialogue
Lumiere Hmm... The Master has tasked me with finding Gaston's whereabouts... but I am not sure where to start!
Lumiere That, and it is difficult for me to go to the village in my current... ahem... appearance.
Lumiere The people, they see a walking candlestick, and suddenly it is "witchery this!" and "sorcery that!" It is most inconvenient.
Lumiere I will have to think on this...

The Hunter's Lair[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Gaston's Tavern.[1] 8h Experience5, Rose Emblems50
  1. Requires Belle Level 2
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth Lumiere, my good man! You're looking a bit dimmer than usual... I may regret asking this, but what's the matter?
Lumiere Ah, Cogsworth... Unless you can tell me where I can find our foe Gaston, you cannot ease my pain!
Cogsworth Ah -- you mean the tavern in the village? I can't stand the place -- DREADFUL taste in decor -- but if you're looking for Gast--
Lumiere The tavern! OF COURSE! Monsieur, you have just saved my life -- and quite unexpectedly, at that!
Lumiere I should have asked him earlier... but he so RARELY has good ideas, I thought it polite not to tax him.