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The Haunted Mansion is an attraction released with Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016.


The Haunted Mansion is a classic dark-ride attraction located at Disneyland, Walt Disney World's, Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland. The Mansion is premised upon the claim that there are currently 999 happy haunts residing in the house, "but there's always room for a thousand". Riders are guided into the Mansion by a charismatic "Ghost Host", and experience a plethora of supernatural occurrences while within the residence, including but not limited to levitating instruments, a chanting gypsy within a crystal ball, a stretching room, changing portraits, a ghostly ball, and a murderous undead bride. The ride ends with the famous song "Grim Grinning Ghosts", and with one of three Hitchhiking Ghosts joining the guests in their seats to haunt them until they return.

The appearance of the attraction as it appears in Disney Magic Kingdoms is based off of its iterations in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland.



Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards (Every 4h)
Building Elixirs 15,000
Instant Ezra's Top Hat Token
Ezra's Top Hat Token
Level 1 Common Blueprint Token20 Haunted Mansion Relic Token5 Haunted Mansion Sign Token10 Magic2,000 2h +Phineas's Carpet Bag Token
Phineas's Carpet Bag Token
Level 2 Uncommon Blueprint Token15 Haunted Mansion Relic Token10 Haunted Mansion Sign Token20 Magic5,000 4h +Gus's Ball and Chain Token
Gus's Ball and Chain Token
Level 3 Rare Blueprint Token10 Haunted Mansion Relic Token20 Haunted Mansion Sign Token30 Magic15,000 8h +Ghostly Hatbox Token
Ghostly Hatbox Token
Level 4 Epic Blueprint Token7 Haunted Mansion Relic Token50 Haunted Mansion Sign Token40 Magic50,000 12h +The Bride Ears Hat Token
The Bride Ears Hat Token
Level 5 Legendary Blueprint Token5 Haunted Mansion Relic Token100 Haunted Mansion Sign Token50 Magic150,000 24h Two Drop Chances Token
Two Drop Chances Token

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
The Bride
Level 4
Lurk in the Shadows
* The Haunted Mansion
Lvl 4
60m Experience9, Magic55 Ezra's Top Hat Token
Level 3
Inspect Doom Buggy
* The Haunted Mansion
4h Experience13, Magic110 Phineas's Carpet Bag Token
Level 3
Pick Up a Ride
* The Haunted Mansion
4h Experience13, Magic110 Ezra Ears Hat Token The Bride's Hatchet Token
Hatbox Ghost
Level 3
Perform Hat Trick
* The Haunted Mansion
4h Experience13, Magic110 Gus's Ball and Chain Token
Level 3
* The Haunted Mansion
4h Experience13, Magic110 Gus Ears Hat Token
Level 7
Make Floors Creak
* The Haunted Mansion
Lvl 7
6h Experience20, Magic210 Ghostly Hatbox Token