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Character Dialogue
Aladdin Hey, Carpet! Heading out to enjoy the festival?
Carpet ... ...!
Aladdin Heh! Well, make sure you don't fly TOO low. Don't wanna startle any of the shopkeepers!

The Friendly Skies[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Carpet to fly the Streets of Agrabah.[1]
"To the Streets of Agrabah"
12h Experience45, Pooh Badges250
Character Dialogue
Carpet ... ...
Aladdin So? How was it? And... uh... wow, that's a REALLY big tea stain.
Aladdin Don't tell me... did Omar try and use you as a samovar display rack again? Bad luck, buddy...
Aladdin I'll talk to him as soon as I can -- but in the meantime, you might wanna swing by the soap merchant. She's got free samples.
Carpet ... ... ...!