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Character Dialogue
Mr What's wrong, Dash? Something happen at school?
Dash No. Not really. I mean, I MAY have kinda broken a bunch of hurdles at track practice today, but it was an accident!
Mr Broken hurdles? No big deal. Look, son, when I was a kid, it took me YEARS before I got a handle on my own strength.
Mr But, lucky for you, your old man knows a trick or two. Let's head down to the obstacle course and I can show you the ropes.

The Family That Trains Together...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mr. Incredible and Dash to train together.[1]
"Train with Dash"
8h Incredibles Currency25
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Dash That was AWESOME! Thanks, Dad!!!... Are you sure it's okay that I friction-melted the track, though?
Mr Yeah, it's fine. You're learning. Just... uh... don't tell your mother, okay?
Mr If I resurface the driveway at the same time as the track, maybe Helen won't notice the expense.