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Character Dialogue
Mulan Maybe I read Shang's letter wrong... I really thought he wanted to GO to the festival with me, not just hire me to organize it!
Mulan He DID just hand me another letter a few minutes ago, though... maybe that one will be a little clearer.
Mulan "Consultant Fa. The popular morale being paramount on this day, and the Empire being replete with pyrotechnic implements..."
Mulan ... It goes on for a while, but I THINK he's telling me to launch fireworks and get everyone excited for the festival. Probably.

The Colors! The Colors![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mulan to drum up excitement for the festival.
"Drum Up Excitement"
4h Experience5, Dragon Coins/201750
Character Dialogue
Mulan That should be the last of today's firework stores, Shang! What do you think? Aren't they beautiful?
Li Shang Mulan! Yes... um. Very.
Mulan So... Now that I'm off-duty... are you SURE there wasn't something you wanted to ask me?
Li Shang Something I wanted to... Oh! If it's about restocking our fuses, it's... um. Already on the schedule.
Mulan Wow. For such a brilliant strategist, he sure has trouble taking a hint...