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Character Dialogue
Tia Dalma Rest your head, child... my condition is not of your doing. I feel the magic in this place... and it is wrong. It binds me.
Elizabeth Swann (Oh good heavens--) I mean, of course! That must be the Curse. Will and I have been trying to dispel it, but--
Tia Dalma Good. You will continue... and I will be free. And in return... I will find you the ship of pretty Jack. Is it a bargain?
Elizabeth Swann YES! Ah... that is: Thank you, Miss Dalma. I'm glad we could come to an understanding!

The Claw-Cast Forecast[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Tia Dalma
Level 1
Send Tia Dalma to look for Jack's Ship.
"Look for Jack's Ship"
4h Experience30, Magic250
Character Dialogue
Tia Dalma I see a port... A Spanish port, eternally besieged... and a black-sailed ship at anchor. A ship I know well...
Elizabeth Swann Goodness! And you can tell all of that just by... ah... by throwing crab claws at a table?
Tia Dalma Do not question the ways of the maelstrom, Elizabeth Swann... Lest her drag you beneath the waves forever.
Elizabeth Swann ... RIGHT. I'll just... leave you to it, then.
Tia Dalma See that you do.