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Character Dialogue
Cogsworth I appreciate your help, Lumière, but PLEASE be careful as you search... The Cogsworth System is a very sensitive thing!
Cogsworth Even the slightest filing error could throw the entire LIBRARY into unmitigated chaos, and--
Lumiere What is that, Cogsworth? I could not hear you over this immense pile of love poetry I have taken it upon myself to assemble!
Cogsworth NO!!! Lumière, get BACK h-- ... AT LEAST ALPHABETIZE IT!!!

The Buddy System[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Lumière & Cogsworth to search the Castle.[1]
"Search the Castle"
2h Experience30, Hearts175
Level 1
  1. Requires Beast's Castle
Character Dialogue
Cogsworth All that work, and we're still no closer to finding that book... It's time to face it, Lumière... I'm a failure as a majordomo!
Lumiere Do not be so sure of that, old friend... Voilà! Look at this note I have discovered in the back corner of the bookshelf!
Cogsworth What note? Let me see that... Hmm hmm hmmm... Ah! THAT'S WONDERFUL! I suppose I needn't hang up my cleaning supplies just yet, eh?
Lumiere Not at all, mon frère! It is as I have always said... When true love is in the air, you can always count on a happy ending!
Lumiere And I count you keeping your job as a VERY happy ending, you old fussbudget, you!