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Character Dialogue
Li Shang Excuse me... but I'm working on some new ways to motivate my troops during Bo staff drills, and I need a second opinion.
Li Shang All right: Just imagine me talking to a green recruit fresh out of, say... Liang Province. Ahem...
Li Shang "LOOK ALIVE, YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A SOLDIER! Or would you PREFER that the Empire's enemies take your head as a trophy?!"
Li Shang "You're on a SINKING SHIP, Private -- and mastering these FIFTY-TWO BASIC TECHNIQUES is your ONLY LIFEBOAT. DO NOT FAIL ME!!!"


Character Activity Time Rewards
Li Shang
Level 3
Send Shang to test out his new bo-staff drill.
"Test Out New Staff"
4h Experience5, Magic100[1]
  1. The rewards were Experience5, Dragon Coins/201750 during Lunar Festival Event 2017
Character Dialogue
Li Shang "Sloppy footwork... shoddy balance... your RANK incompetence DISGRACES THE IMPERIAL ARMY, Soldier! And I DO NOT tolerate disgrace."
Li Shang "TWENTY LAPS AROUND CAMP! And if I see you flagging in the SLIGHTEST, you can look forward to PEELING RADISHES for the r--"
Li Shang ... Wait, wait -- come back! It was just a demonstration!
Li Shang I guess I was even more motivating than I thought...