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This template is used to display Enchanted Chest types in tables describing how to obtain Tokens.

Template background

See Help:Templates for some background on how templates work.


  • The first argument is used to select the type of Enchanted Chest. The default is a Black Avatar. The types of chests are
    • B = Bronze
    • B* = (Old) Bronze
    • S = Silver
    • G = Gold
    • P = Platinum
    • AE = Attraction Enchantment
    • CO = Concession
    • DE = Decoration
    • RE = Resource
    • M = Magical
    • R = Radiant
    • RU = Ruby
    • S = Sapphire
    • A = Amber
    • C = Cobalt
  • The second argument, if present, means that the drop is a 'Special Chance'


{{Token-Enchanted Chest
 |Chest Type [e.g. AE for Attraction Enchantment]
 |Special Chance? [If drop is a special/extra chance]


{{Token-Enchanted Chest|B}}
{{Token-Enchanted Chest|B|S}}
{{Token-Enchanted Chest|AE}}

Results in...

Silver Chest Silver Chest Instant
Silver Chest Silver Chest
* Special Chance Only
Attraction Enchantment Chest Attraction Enchantment Chest Instant