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Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
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This template corresponds to the table describing the Characters' Activities during Events

Template background

See Help:Templates for some background on how templates work.


  • If there are no arguments, a sortable table is created.
  • If there are no arguments, the template is displayed as the header of a table (Character, Actvity, +, Time, Rewards, Tokens)
  • The first argument is used to remove the "Tokens" column.
  • The second argument is used to change the name of the header of the table if the content consists exclusively of something (e.g. a table exclusively used for Buildings) and to add a title.
  • The third argument is used to stick the tabble to another above.


 |Token Column?
 |Title? [e.g. 'Attraction' for a table exclusively used for attractions]
 |Table above?






Results in...

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Lvl Activity + Time Rewards
Float Activity + Time Rewards
Characters Activity + Time Rewards

Buildings Activity + Time Rewards