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Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter It's so silly of me to forget teatime like that...
Mad Hatter Of course, since it's never NOT teatime, I suppose I'm not used to remembering it in the first place!
Mad Hatter Having to REMEMBER that it's teatime DOES cut into one's teatime time, after all...
Mad Hatter ... And so does talking about it! Time for tea!!!


Character Activity Time Rewards
Mad Hatter
Level 4
Send the Mad Hatter to take tea.
"Time for Some Tea"
2h Experience5, Queen Coins50
Character Dialogue
Mad Hatter Ahh... simply scrumptious! There's nothing like a nice cup of tea when you can't remember what you're thinking about...
Mad Hatter Wait. Maybe teatime wasn't what I had to remember after all...?
Mad Hatter Well: At least teatime helped me remember that I WASN'T supposed to remember it!
Mad Hatter Is there anything teatime CAN'T do? Because I don't think there is!