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Character Dialogue
Bambi Thumper... What kind of a rabbit are you?
Thumper Gosh... I don't know! The only kind of rabbit I know is the kind I am... Why do you wanna know, Bambi?
Bambi Because I keep seeing rabbits everywhere I go... but none of 'em look like you!
Thumper Rabbits?! Where? Over there? Show me -- show me!

Taxonomy 101[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Thumper & Bambi to go rabbit-watching.
"Go Rabbit-Watching"
8h Experience25, Magic150
Level 6
Character Dialogue
Bambi See? There's a brown one, and a yellow one, and another grey one... but she looks different anyway... and--
Thumper Ha ha ha! Maybe you see those rabbits, Bambi, but I sure don't!
Thumper I believe you, though. Rabbits are real good at bein' quiet, when they're not thumpin'... so they were probably just hidin'!
Thumper I sure wish they wouldn't, though. I like makin' new friends!