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Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps All right... maybe the Chief showed up on one of our traffic cameras. I could try to find him that way...
Judy Hopps Good thing I'm in the Z.P.D.'s system now. I could use the one at City Hall, but... um...
Judy Hopps ...I've probably put their office staff through enough. A LOT more paperwork than usual there, these days.
Judy Hopps I'll just stop by HQ and check the recordings from this morning...

Tale of the Tape[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build Zootopia P.D. 6h Experience50, Magic300
Judy Hopps
Level 3
Send Judy to check the traffic cams at the Zootopia P.D.[1]
"Check the Traffic Cams"
  1. Requires Zootopia P.D.
Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps Bingo! Looks like the Chief was at the Café des Chiens for about fifteen minutes this morning.
Judy Hopps Talking with someone at a sidewalk table... can't tell who, though. It's a bad angle.
Judy Hopps One thing's for sure: That's NOT his usual coffee shop. He usually goes to Mr. Llamamoto's place, down the block...
Judy Hopps Okay. NOW, I'm worried.
Judy Hopps Wait... wasn't Nick working an undercover case somewhere around there?