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Character Dialogue
Sneezy Well, WHATEVER it is we do, we can't do it just the two of us! Curses are nasty wuh... wuh... Nasty w-w-w--
Doc Why, that's IT! We CAN'T do it just the two of us -- I need to find MORE of us! Uh... so to speak.
Doc You stay here, Sneezy! After I sent you into danger, it's my turn to be the brave one!
Sneezy WHAA... choo!!! ... What's that, Doc? I was too busy sneezing to hear ya... Say, where'd he go?

Take One for the Team[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Sneezy to hold down the fort at the Cottage.[1]
"Hold Down the Fort"
2h Experience5, Grimhilde Coins50
Level 4
Send Doc out to search alone.
"Search Alone"
Character Dialogue
Doc Well, now I'm setting -- uh, getting somewhere... I've never been in THIS part but f the woods before.
Doc Say, look at that. Why, it's the reddest flower I ever saw!
Doc Wait... That's no flower!
Doc Sure blushes as bright as a flower, though! Haha!