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Character Dialogue
Shenzi Wanna know one big reason why I keep Banzai and Ed around? There's a LOT of killer jokes that don't work with just one hyena
Shenzi Banzai's a grade-A bonehead, but at least he knows how to keep a bit goin'. And Ed's... uh... ED, but he always laughs at 'em!
Shenzi Only problem is, I gotta come up with all my new material when NEITHER of 'em are around...
Shenzi Those morons'll steal a punchline almost as quick as they'll steal a fresh antelope carcass! And they do that a LOT.

Take My Mate... Please![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Shenzi to come up with new material.
"Come up with New Material"
12h Experience5, Magic100
Level ?
Character Dialogue
Shenzi Heheheh... Okay... Okay, I got one, I got one. Here goes... "Why did the lion lose the footrace?"
Shenzi "...Because the other racer... WAS A CHEETAH!" HahahaHAAAAhahaha!!! Oh, MAN... You still got it, Shenzi. You still GOT it!
Shenzi ... Wait. Unless I told that joke to Scar once already and he got so mad he tried to bite me on the flank for it?
Shenzi ... Naaaaaah. That was for all those OTHER jokes I told about how slow lions are!
Shenzi Talk about a tough crowd. It's like... if you can't laugh at yourself, don't try and eat the comedian!