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Character Dialogue
Bashful Gosh... Why'd Doc run off home so fast? I... I get a little nervous when he ain't at the head of the line...
Grumpy Pah! Prob'ly fixin' to be head of the line at the soup pot... Like the rest of us ain't nothin' but a bunch of doodlebugs!
Bashful Oh... W-well... he DID get up early to help us, so... Gosh... I think we should let him go first anyhow!
Grumpy *grumble* ... Well... MAYBE. But I ain't gonna be all cheery about it -- that's fer sure!

Table for Eight?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc to the Cottage for supper.[1]
"Go Home for Supper"
6h Experience10, Shiny Shells75
Character Dialogue
Doc Why... uh... hello there, Princess! I was wonderin'... I mean, not to take anything' away from the pen, I mean, the men, but...
Snow White Haha! Now, don't you worry your dear little head, Doc. I've made more than enough soup for everyone!
Doc For everyone?! Why... Why... What I mean to say is... Why, that's just pine and sandy!
Snow White Well, I'm sure it is... Just so long as everyone makes sure to wash before they eat!
Doc Aw... Should've known there was a catch. Well... at least I'll be first in line for the washtub, then!