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Character Dialogue
Lady Tremaine Why, Cinderella... Or, should I say, "Your Highness"? What a happy coincidence, meeting you here...
Cinderella Stepmother! What are you...? "Happy coincidence"? What do you mean?
Lady Tremaine Only that, since you've risen to your (ahem) lofty station, I've had... well, let us say a proposition to put forward to you.
Lady Tremaine Listen closely...

THIS Won't Go Well...[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Lady Tremaine
Level 5
Send Lady Tremaine and Cinderella to... "discuss."
"Have a "Discussion""
12h Experience5, Magic100
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Lady Tremaine ... And so: I shall be made head of the royal household, and my daughters will be married to wealthy lords...
Lady Tremaine Or... well, who knows what sort of unfortunate rumors your prince might hear about you?
Cinderella Stepmother... My answer is "no." I can forgive your past cruelty to me... but I'm not afraid of you anymore!
Lady Tremaine Hmph. Well, perhaps you should be...
Lady Tremaine And if my standing at court were any higher, you WOULD be.