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Character Dialogue
Hiro Yokai... He's gone! It's like he just vanished into--
Hiro Uhh... Baymax? Buddy? Are you doing okay? You don't look so hot...
Baymax I am Baymax, your personal-- Personal-- Personal-- Setback. Setback. Back kick. Knifehand. Hammerfist.
Hiro Oh no... No, no, no... Okay, just... don't move! I'm going to fix this. I WILL fix this!

System Failure[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Hiro to try and fix Baymax!
"Try and Fix Baymax!"
2h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Character Dialogue
Baymax Protocol has been-- has been violated. Violated. Loss. Loss. Loss. Loss.
Hiro Rgh... It's no use! Yokai infected him with his code -- but with him fighting back, I can't get close enough to fix it! I can't...
Hiro I can't lose him again...
Hiro I've gotta keep trying... No matter what it takes, I've gotta keep trying!