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Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz Ahh... if I ever tire of being the Greatest Musician of All Time, perhaps I could try my hand at being the Greatest Super-Spy!
Ernesto de la Cruz ... Apart from when I played a singing one on the silver screen, of course. (That was a very underrated series of films!)
Ernesto de la Cruz Either way: I have liberated this box of show posters from Héctor while his back was turned, so it is the same difference!
Ernesto de la Cruz Not to reprise my cinema role TOO closely, but... I would say this victory calls for a short post-espionage celebration, no?

Swift Fingers[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Ernesto de la Cruz
Level 2
Send Ernesto to celebrate stealing the Posters.
"Celebrate Nicking Posters"
2h Experience5, Vinyl Records50
Character Dialogue
Ernesto de la Cruz Ahh... That is quite enough singing about my deftness, skill, and determination for... well, for the next few minutes, at least.
Ernesto de la Cruz Now: to business! It is time to put these posters exactly where they belong...
Ernesto de la Cruz Where nobody will ever see them! Ohh, I can picture the look on Héctor's skull when he realizes no one has come to his show...
Ernesto de la Cruz ...all while I make my grand debut to an audience of thousands! Ahh, Ernesto... truly, you have outdone yourself once again!
Ernesto de la Cruz Really, I will be doing his fans a favor. They cannot help it if they have never heard REAL music!